This new line with as close shape as to our nature is easy to recall the classic shapes which are combined into an innovative contemporary design in order to create a harmonious and elegant ambience.

When MGM has asked us to design this new marble collection line, we have regarded MGM as a company with great potentials.
Today what can be achieved from marble has enabled us to make this partnership
happen between us in order to make the most of our capacities. We have understood
that it shall be the shape and naturalness of human being other than the technology that shall determine the product shape.
This new line with as close shape as to our nature is easy to recall the classic shapes which are combined into an innovative contemporary design in order to create a harmonious and elegant ambience.

Born in 1959, Massimo Iosa Ghini is a graduate of Polytechnic University of Milan. Since 1985, he has been working at the cutting edge of Italian design by founding the Bolidismo Group while taking part in the Memphis Group along with Ettore Sottsass.
During his career, Massimo Iosa Ghini has been invited by many major Italian and international institutions to host conference and seminar as the representative of Made in Italy all over the world.
He has been extensively involved in product design, residential & office, architecture, hotel design, public transport, as well as retail chain design all over the world with many international projects for such important clients as Ferrari, Capital Group,
IBM Italia, CMC Group Miami, Seat Yellow Pages, Alitalia, among others.
His projects are present in various museums and have received honorable awards including the Roscoe Award in the USA, the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Red Dot Award and the IF Product Design Award in Germany, as well
as the IAI AWARD Global Green Design Award and IAI Awards in Shanghai, China.
Some of his projects have been selected to be exhibited in the Biennale International
Architecture Exhibition.
An entire anthology of his 30-year career, from the very beginning to the sustainable present, has been dedicated by the Triennale di Milano, the most important institution of Italian design, in 2013, and by the Bologna Modern Art Museum (MAMbo) in 2014.

Collection created by Iosa Ghini


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